Enhanced external counterpulsation therapy

Danny Hatten is one of the first patients to undergo EECT at Stroobants Cardiovascular Center (Photo: Danner Evans).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - A new procedure is now available in Lynchburg for a debilitating heart condition -- chronic angina.

The first group of patients just finished up and they are reporting a new lease on life.

Danny Hatten used to have a hard time walking down the hall.

“I had a lot of chest pain,” Hatten said.

For decades he suffered from chronic angina.

“It's like an elephant sitting on your chest,” Hatten said. “I wasn't able to walk around much or do any of the things I like to do

But a new procedure now available at Stroobants Cardiovascular Center changed his life. It's called Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy -- or EECP.

Dr. James Warner said they just started using it in February.

"It's a series of blood pressure cuffs or pumps that are put on the calves, thighs and hips," Warner said. “What we are doing is we are using pumping to actually get blood flow back to the heart."

Warner said they think EECP can actually promote new growth in the small vessels around the heart.

"It may not reduce heart attacks, it's not going to make them life longer but whatever life they have left it's going to improve their quality of life,” Warner said. “And that's really why we are in the business. "

Hatten went through 35 treatments over 8 weeks, 5 days a week.

“It's really improved my life,” Hatten said. “I've gone shopping with my wife -- something I didn't do before -- and she'd go to two, three stores and I'd be able to walk with her through the stores and stuff. She said, ‘Aren't you going to sit down’? and I said, ‘No, I feel great!’”

You're a candidate for this non-invasive procedure if:

You have chronic angia.

Medication doesn't relieve your symtoms.

Or you are not a candidate for bypass surgery.

Stenting is not an option.

Call 434-200-5252 to learn more.

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