Danville Doctor Gives Tips on How to Get Over Flu Symptoms

Danville, VA -This year's flu outbreak is very serious. At least 18 children have died from the flu this season.

Many people know how it starts: With an achy feeling, headaches and fever. If you are experiencing that right now, we have some tips to help you bounce back.

It is important to remember that you can't cure the flu. Doctors say they do have some tips on how to relieve some of those symptoms and get you back on your feet a little quicker.

"It was pretty bad. I had a fever, bad coughing, constant vomit," said Erica Ferguson, who got the flu.

When Ferguson got the flu over Christmas, she said it had her bed bound for days. But with a few remedies and a lot of patience, she's now back to normal.

"I drank hot tea, I took Tamiflu, and I also had some cough syrup," said Ferguson.

Experts say those cures actually can make a difference.

"I haven't seen the flu season this bad in years," said Dr. Patrick Craft, MD at MedExpress.

Dr. Craft says if you feel the flu coming on, seeing a health care provider and getting a prescription for Tamiflu can help, but it needs to be taken within the first two days.

"Some patients said it worked very well for them. Some say they didn't see much of a difference," said Craft.

Other remedies that Craft says may work include hot tea and chicken soup.

"It's a warm, hot liquid that will probably make you feel better," said Craft.

Craft seemed skeptical about how much an overload of vitamins helps.

"I don't think they will hurt. People take them and say they feel better so maybe it does work for some people. I'm not sure that it's been studied that closely," said Craft.

But Craft says the best cure is simple: Get lots of rest and make sure to stay hydrated. As for Ferguson, she says if the flu plagues her again, she's got her remedy ready.

"It seemed like it helped me the first time so why not try it the second time," said Ferguson.

Craft also says to make sure you eat even if you don't feel hungry. He suggests bland foods like toast.

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