Health Check: Chikungunya Virus Hits Virginia

Mosquitoes{} often carry many terrible viruses, and one that is fairly new, has made its way to Virginia.In late 2013, the Chikungunya{}virus was discovered from mosquitoes on islands in the Caribbean. Since then, there have been outbreaks of this virus all over the world in{}parts{}of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

So far, six Virginia residents have contracted this virus from outside travel, especially when{}returning from{}the Caribbean. According the the Center for Disease Control, its symptoms are most commonly fever and joint pain.

Other symptoms can include headaches, muscle pain, joint swelling and rashes. Unfortunately there is no current vaccine or medicinal treatment for the Chikungunya virus at this time. So how can you take preventative measures from this new virus? The CDC recommends using mosquitoes repellent and not let water stand still around your home.

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