Democrats and Republicans at odds over ACA proposal

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - It's former President Obama's signature piece of legislation and it could get a major overhaul.

Monday night House Republicans unveiled their repeal and replace plan for the Affordable Care Act.

A Centra Health representative told ABC 13 that there are still too many potential changes and factors that need to be decided before they know exactly how the Affordable Care Act will affect you.

"I think it's a good start," Centra Health Senior Vice President Michael Elliot said. "It's something our legislators on both sides can start working on, but as far as going into premiums and what those are going to look like, it's way too early in the game."

Opponents believe repealing and replacing the ACA could leave some Virginians without coverage.

Virginia Organizing member Ebony Guy is open to changes, "But totally stripping it and starting over is not a good idea."

"From what they were saying this morning, I think it's gone from needing work to worse," Theresa Carter, an opponent of the proposal, said.

Until they get more information from the Congressional Budget Office, Centra could not comment on whether the proposed legislation will cause loss in coverage or an increase in the number of people who decide not to participate.

"What we're focused on in this legislation is making sure that things are passed that allow us to do what we are here to do, which is take care of patients," Elliott said.

Republican Kevin Brady said it will give power back to the American people, "We restore state control of health care so it can be designed for the families and communities in each state. We restore the free markets so Americans have a greater choice of products, tailored again to what they need and what their family needs."

Under this current proposal, two parts of the Affordable Care Act will stay. Those parts are not denying care for pre-existing conditions and allowing people under 26 to stay on their parents' insurance.

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