School Bus Speeders: Are speeding bus drivers putting your children at risk?

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Are speeding bus drivers putting your children at risk?

You may remember what happened in Baltimore and Chattanooga when school bus drivers sped.

And just last month, a school bus crashed in Dinwiddie County, Va injuring one child.

The driver was charged with reckless driving.

"I got a bus about two years ago speeding in the Timberlake school zone; 41 in a 25 school zone, he was 16 miles per hour over the speed limit," said Lynchburg Police Officer Mike Bauserman. "I know a couple of the other officers have stopped school bus drivers also and have written them tickets for speeding."

Over three days with Lynchburg Police, 12 plus buses were clocked to see how fast driver's were going.

The speed limit in Lynchburg for bus drivers is 35 miles per hour.

Most of the buses were under the speed limit, but some were clocked going 10-15 miles per hour over.

Parents said they were concerned about what they saw, "I think that somebody needs to do something about that driver," said one parent.

Jason Ferguson, the transportation director of Lynchburg City Schools said bus drivers speeding is rare.

"Within 10 years, I've had two drivers that have been ticketed speeding in a school bus," said Ferguson. "They were convicted and lost points on their driving record."

But the drivers weren't fired.

Since Ferguson can't be everywhere when his buses are out on the roads, Lynchburg City Schools installed a monitoring system in their buses that track speed.

And if that driver is caught speeding, "I'm going to pull that driver in and speak with them," said Ferguson.

A spokesman for Danville and Lynchburg schools said they are notified if a driver's driving record changes by the DMV.

They also check those driving records once a year.

Danville leaders take it a step further and do random spot checks during the year.

Roanoke County Schools said they check driving records every quarter through the DMV.

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