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      Smart Woman: Three Tips to Help Women Fight PMS Symptoms

      Women everywhere struggle with PMS symptoms. Some drugs are even marketed specifically to help women with these bothersome symptoms, but sometimes it's hard to find relief.

      Here three tips that can help women fight back:

      Fatigue, bloating, and mood swings are all just a few things women deal with during PMS. Many say that they end up overeating with comfort foods like chocolate, and take different pain medications to deal with it.

      But ladies, the first thing you need to do is load up on dairy. In a Columbia University study, women getting 600 milligrams of calcium (about a glass of milk plus a cup of yogurt twice a day) had less premenstrual fatigue and cravings.

      Also, to put an end to bloating, take a dip in the pool. The pressure of water moves the extra fluid that causes swelling back into your bloodstream. A 20 minute swim or soak in the tub will do the job.

      Finally, start eating more saffron. A British study found taking just 15 milligrams of the spice twice daily lowered irritability, depression, and fatigue in women.

      Something that can make PMS worse is foods high in salt. The body naturally stores sodium right before menstruation, so if an egg is fertilized, there are enough fluids and electrolytes for the growing baby. Avoid processed foods with tons of sodium a few days before your PMS symptoms typically start.