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      Smart Woman: Serial Dating; Finding Your True Love

      Lauren West is young, smart and attractive but says she struggles with finding the "one" even though she goes on date after date.

      "You want to find someone that you want to be able to spend time with," West says.

      Like Lauren, Ellen Morrow says her endless dates usually turned to disappointment.

      "I just met people and went out on dates even if they weren't perfect," Morrow says.

      Dating expert Stef Safran says that's the problem with serial dating.

      "I think that there's too much focus that there's so much available for you as opposed to finding those, you know, basic criteria when you start that are important to you," Safran says.

      She says before starting to date you should answer these 10 questions about yourself.

      Are you willing to commit?

      What are your financial values?

      Is religion important?

      Do you want children?

      Where do you want to live?

      How do you handle conflict?

      Are you able to care for someone?

      Do you like to go out or are you a homebody?

      Do you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle?

      Are you willing to try new things?

      "You have to know: are you looking for a relationship and what does that mean to you," Safran says.

      Stef says too many women waste time thinking they can change someone. Thanks to her advice, Ellen is in a committed relationship and while Lauren is still looking, she's stopped serial dating and only spends time with guys she thinks are compatible.