Mommy Monday: Your Kids and Concussions

Lynchburg, VA - We have all cringed at them and worried for our kids when they hit the field.

Mommy Monday looks at the best way for your child to recover from a concussion; hard hits that can take a child out of the sport for several games.

Now, a new study finds letting a young person rest his or her brain after a concussion can result in a quicker recovery.

It goes as far as limiting reading, online activities, texting, or even homework.

Doctors already suggest rest, but now there is research to back it up.

USA Today reports that 335 children and young adults ages 8 to 23, were all tested.

Those who took the longest to recover, about 100 days, all played video games, did crossword puzzles, texted, and finished homework.

That's compared to 20 to 50 days for patients who did less activity.

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