Mommy Monday: When to Give Babies Solid Food

In Monday's Mommy Monday - we are breaking down a new study that shows 40% of moms are feeding their babies solid food too early.

The recommended age is four months old.

But this study found that moms are doing it well before that.

It looked at both moms who gave their babies formula and those who breastfed.

53% of mothers who used formula started to use solids too early versus 24% of mothers who breastfeed.

Doing that can cause health problems like diabetes, obesity or celiac disease.

This study also found that eight percent introduced solid foods as early as a month old or younger!

And 89% of moms who did introduce solid foods too early say they did it because their baby was old enough to start eating them.

Researchers say this study shows just how important it is for doctors to give clear and accurate advice to parents.