Mommy Monday: Trends for Kids

Lynchburg, VA - We're following some of the hot trends right now for moms and kids with advice from a mom and businesses owner who knows her stuff.

From bell bottoms to bow ties spring has sprung when it comes to kid's fashion.{} As a children's store owner (N'Tended for Kids), Leah Jennings makes it her business to know what's hot.{} She goes to market twice a year.

"It's fun, an exciting place with all the new trends, things that aren't quite in Lynchburg yet," Jennings said.

The fashions this season are some familiar looks for boys and girls.

"We did order little bow ties for spring.{} We have a cute girl who monograms for us.{} That preppy look is back (for boys)," Jennings explained. "Bell bottom pants, big dresses for girls.{} Some textured prints and things like that."

Leah said you'll find those prints and popular colors in things for your baby too.

"Here is the chevron print.{} It comes in blankets, dresses," Jennings said.{} "A color right now we see a lot of is gray and blues/pinks in blankets, frames, piggy banks, bedding."

Jennings said owls are a popular animal on just about everything too.

If you're trying to potty train check out this trend.

"This is a new thing to teach potty training.{} This is baby Stella.{} She's been around for awhile but the potty just came out," Jennings explained. "They've come up with this book called My Big Girl Potty.{} It teaches the child to teach their doll to go to the bathroom."

The set comes complete with a plush potty and training pants too.

From a comfortable trend in carrying that infant car seat called the Padalily, to hauling around diapers in a fashionable clutch, there are lots of fun finds for Mom too.

Jennings said the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are big sellers.

"You see these in US Weekly with celebs carrying them so it's kind of a fun item," Jennings said.

Fun and fancy for the whole family.