Mommy Monday: Toddler Tales at Amazement Square

Lynchburg, VA - Those first years of learning are so important for your child.{} One program at Amazement Square in Lynchburg is helping parents get a head start on early education.

Debbie Johnston brings the children she watches to Amazement Square once a week for the Toddler Tales program.

"This is part of our routine," Johnston said, "Have them interact with other children, have someone else teach them and work with them other than me."

From reading, to Spanish to, sign language, the children interact with parents for an experience Meghan Vestal with Amazement Square said you can't get anywhere else in the city.

"The kids get to get up and move around," Vestal said. "It's a very fun program."

Vestal said they make this program available for working parents as well through a Saturday night "Family Night" version and one they take on the road to area daycares.

"Most studies will show you that parents who are reading with their children at a very young age - those children are often more successful when they get to kindergarten because the teachers aren't having to teach them the alphabet or how to read from scratch," she said.

Johnston says she's amazed what the children she cares for take away from the program every week.

"That gives me something to build on with them after we leave here," Johnston said.

Toddler Tales is every Thursday at Amazement Square.{} The Family Fun night version is once a month on Saturdays. They update dates and times on their Facebook page.