Mommy Monday: The Perfect Christmas Card

Lynchburg, VA - Sometimes the Holidays are all about getting that perfect Christmas card.

Taking a family photo is not always an easy process.

There's even a website:, where people share their holiday portraits gone wrong.

Here are some tips to help make sure you don't land on that site.

First, just have fun. Don't say smile or cheese. Try something funny like monkey sounds, so you get a picture where everyone is laughing and smiling.

Also, don't match, instead, just coordinate your outfits.

"The second that everybody comes in the same plaid shirt, or the same matching scarf, it's something that's going to be dated. It's something that's going to look like it's from the 80s," said Lindsay Schneider with Classic Kids Photography.

Finally, make sure you are in the card. A lot of parents just use their kids for the card, but Schneider says your kids are going to want to see what you looked like, too.

Before picture day, make sure you to get a good night's sleep, eat beforehand, and bring snacks for the kids.