Mommy Monday: Tech-Savvy Baby Book

There's a trend that is disappearing: baby books.

Our parents used to print out photos and put them in albums, but not so much with the new generation of babies.

It is so easy to take a picture these days, but so difficult to make yourself get it printed.

Money Magazine offers some ways to get that hard copy of your great moments.

Many retailers offer apps that allow you to send your pics from your smartphone or tablet, directly to the store for printing.

For example, Walgreens' app charges users 29 cents for a six by four inch print.

If you want to make that baby book before your kid heads to college, there are plenty of scrapbooking sites that create professional looking books and holiday cards.

But watch out for steep shipping charges.

Money Magazine likes Snapfish, which only charges eight dollars for delivery.

And if you want to print them at home, there are plenty of good quality printers that don't cost a fortune.

The magazine recommends the Epson Expression Premium XP-610.

That one costs about 150 dollars.

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