Mommy Monday: Team Sports

Lynchburg, VA - It's one of those classic moments from childhood - the first time your child plays a sport. Team sports teach our children a lot and we're looking at what your family has to gain and how to get the kids signed up.

Shelton Barker is proud papa. He has four kids signed up on YMCA teams, and he's not afraid to brag a little.

"You name it they play it. Swimming, basketball, they get into everything," he said.

Landon Caulkins is the youth and family director for the YMCA in Lynchburg.

"It's not just enrolling a child in youth sports and learning to play soccer," Caulkins said. "It's so many more things."

Caulkins said on YMCA teams, everyone plays and in the long run everyone wins.

"It's a big part of the development process in they are learning a sport but also learning skills and values that will help them as they grow and mature," Caulkins said.

Someday Barker hopes his kids will take those Y values and lessons to the varsity team.

"I hope so," he admitted. "I sure hope so."

Sign up for the spring soccer season has already started. They start playing in March followed by tennis, swimming and baseball.

There are scholarships available for families who need them too.

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