Mommy Monday: Survive the Summer Slide With Reading

Lynchburg, VA - Summer is a good time for your kids to kick back and enjoy some time off after a long school year.

If your children aren't picking up a book every day, however, they could end up a victim of the summer slide next school year.

The Lynchburg Public Library is going on the road this summer to change that.

Beverly Blair with the Lynchburg Public Library takes this outreach seriously.

Workers say the program of bringing books into undeserved neighborhoods is beneficial because every child can have a summer full of reading.

"I was the librarian here so when I moved to the public library I knew I wanted to keep my connection with the school and community," Blair said.

Every Monday, you'll find the library's IVan at RS Payne every afternoon at James Crossing.

"My mission is to get books in the hands of kids," said Blair.

"The statistics say that summer reading is vital for kids to stay on their reading level. Especially low income students and families that lack access to books, their reading level will dip in the summer. When they start school again in the fall they will be below where they were, which is a shame," Blair explained.

With two new books a week, the students will be ready to move to the head of the class next year.

Briana Farias is a rising 5th Grader.

"I love books. I can't get my eyes off of them. If it's a really good book I can't stop reading it. I'm just going to be looking at it all day," Farias said.

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