Mommy Monday: Stop Overindulging Your Kids

Lynchburg, VA - Raising your kids to be responsible and respectful in the age of overindulgence is tough.

Parents want to give their kids more than what they had -- but that can lead to problems later in life.

So what is overindulgence?

Norma White with Couples and Kids says it's when the parent gives too much, like clothes, toys, activities, sports, among other things. It means doing too much for the child that they can learn to do for themselves, such as dressing them, not expecting them to do chores, not teaching them how to cook or clean pick up after themselves.

When parents think, "look at all I am giving doing for my child, and look how she treats me." The children are in charge and out of control leading to frustrated parents.

That kind of behavior could lead to bigger issues later in life.

White says when they get to school, they have a hard time with rules or have a difficult time making friends. As adults, they are unhappy. They have a right of entitlement. They don't have the life skills, home skills, and workplace skills, White says for example, "You mean I have to be at work at 9 O'clock and I can't be late!"

So what rules can parents set for themselves to help alleviate some of that?

White suggests that you hold children accountable for their behaviors. Learn how to say no. Teach kids respect for themselves and others.