Mommy Monday: Some Women Want to Make the Most Money

Lynchburg, VA - American women are now the top breadwinners in almost half of households with children, but are they happy about it?

A 2013 Pew research study said that in four out of ten families with children, the woman is the sole or primary person responsible for bringing home the bacon for their family.

A new study by Working Mother Media also shows about how women feel about it. The majority are still reluctant to take on, and be happy in, the role.

Researchers found only 29% of mothers said they wanted the role of primary breadwinner.

Some 71% say they fell into the role by circumstance.

The women who actively chose to become the primary earner of the family were more satisfied than those who didn't make the choice themselves.

Experts say these numbers reflect the pull that women still feel from the traditional roles of society.

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