Mommy Monday: School Refusal

Lynchburg, VA - With the beginning of the school, your children may be a little anxious about going back to class. But weeks into the school year now if you are still dealing with that in your home, it could be a much bigger problem.

Experts call it school refusal and it's very common: One in four children will experience it.

There are several signs your child could use some professional help, for instance, they call home sick constantly.

Experts at the Bridges Treatment Center in Lynchburg, like RN Heather Newman, said that refusal to go to school could actually be a sign of an underlying issue like anxiety, depression, a learning disability or that they are being bullied.

"The first thing you should do is go to the pediatrician. Rule out any medical issues. Once that has been done they can make a proper referral to a therapist or psychologist," she said.

The sooner you look for treatment, the better. Therapist Matt Canning said this is the time of year you really need to tackle the problem and with the right treatment getting your child back on track can happen quickly.{}{}{}{}{}{}

"It's important to know that the prognosis is excellent," Canning explained. "With the right treatment this is something that can be solved and we can get the child back to school pretty quickly."

If you'd like to see if your child needs help, call the Bridges Treatment Center at 434-200-4444 or get more information on the center's website.


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