Mommy Monday: School Involvement

Lynchburg, VA - Your child's success in the classroom depends on a lot of things, and you are one of the biggest factors.

Erika Britton was having an extra special breakfast with her mom at Linkhorne Elementary School in Lynchburg. They called it "Muffins with Mom."

But mom Jackie Britton doesn't need a special occasion to visit her daughter at school.

"I work with PTO, I volunteer with hospitality, I'm just up at the school all the time, whatever they need me to do here," Britton said.

"She is just really helpful with school," said Erika Britton.

According to the National Education Association, a child's success definitely depends on a parent's involvement. Just ask reading specialists Karen Kohuth.

From academics, to behavior and even absences, Kohuth said when the parents are involved, even just reading to their kid's class, their children excel.

"What we are trying to do is promote a positive relationship between the parents, teachers, and even community members because it does, you've heard the say it takes a village to raise a child and that really is true," Kohuth said.

That's why you'll find Jackie at Erika's school every chance she gets.

"I just think it makes Erika proud that her mom is here. She's proud of her mom and I'm proud of her," Jackie Britton said.

"It makes me happy that she's enjoying what I do at school - I can enjoy it too," Erika Britton said.

Lynchburg City School's "Give Me 5" imitative really has some good ideas on getting involved with your child's class, even if they are in a different school system.{} They suggest the following;

  • 5 minutes or more of reading to your child and/or conversation about school with your child every day.


  • 5 hours or more of volunteer service to your child's school.


  • 5 days or more of attendance at school events.


  • $5 or more to school's PTO.
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