Mommy Monday: Saying Goodbye to Your College-Bound Teen

Saying goodbye to your teenager as they leave for college is tough for any parent.

Parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba says before the big day, you need to prepare yourself emotionally and use restraint.

Dr. Borba says you don't want to upset your child by saying "What am I going to do without you?"

The day will be hectic so don't expect some grand goodbye.

She suggests that you have that talk the day before to alleviate any concerns your teenager might have.

Now on move-in day you don't want to get too involved as your child meets a new roommate.

They need to be able to socialize and figure out their roommate on their own.

Once you do that, help your teen locate essential places on campus.

Things like a pharmacy, bank, and the dorm's resident assistant.

And once you come to that point to say goodbye, Dr. Borba suggests you keep it as composed as possible so your child knows you'll be okay.

Then once you drive off, cry all you want, but she says to remember to celebrate the moment.

If you want to read her full blog on the topic, click here.

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