Mommy Monday: Read for the Record

Lynchburg, VA - All across America, kids in classrooms will sit down October 4 and read the same book at the same time. It's all a part of Read for the Record, a campaign to introduce children to the love of reading.

"The Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad," by David Soman and Jacky Davis, will be invading a preschool classroom near you in Central Virginia.{} Beth Groover at St. Andrew Preschool said they've been taking part for seven years now.

"It's an exciting event to know that everybody in Central Virginia and across the United States, and we talk to the children about that," said Groover.

Groover said it's an important event from the littlest student to the oldest.

"Reading, even as an infant, is really important in their language development, vocabulary development, it teaches them social interactions, when parents read with inflections in their voices they kind of get, 'Oh that probably means excited, that means happy and that means excited',"{} Groover explained.

Karen Wesley with Smart Beginnings is busy getting schools in Amherst, Appomattox, Lynchburg,{} Campbell County and Bedford signed up for next week.{}

She said an event like this is part of their mission:{} to get children ready for kindergarten.

"Unfortunately there are some children who get to kindergarten who really haven't been exposed to written materials, pictures and things like that," said Wesley.

Wesley said "The Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad" is just the book to get children excited about reading.

"You have a group of children who are imaginative, they are role playing, setting up scenarios and then they are having some conflict with each other and have to work that out," Wesley said.{} "So there are a lot of themes."

"The girls are excited and we're talking about bugs so the boys are excited," Groover said.

Reading events will be going on in the days before October 4, so all of the schools can get involved.{} There will also be celebrity readers at several schools.

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