Mommy Monday: Raising Smarter Kids

Lynchburg, VA -In a study of six year olds, children breast fed regularly as infants scored 5% higher on IQ tests than those who were not.

Every parent wants their child to be successful in school. They can start by limiting time spent on video games.

Students who play more than two hours of computer or video games a day tend to score almost 10% lower on school exams.

Staying fit isn't just for physical health, it also helps kids do better in school. According to a Temple University study, overweight middle schoolers have lower GPA's, more detentions, and worse attendance than kids at a normal weight.

Also, learning to juggle can improve children's cognitive ability.

Researchers from Yale University found learning difficult perceptual motor skills like juggling raises the volume of gray matter in young brains by 3%.

Whether someone attends preschool can also play a role in their future success.

In a recent study, people who went to preschool were 52% more likely to graduate high school as well as more likely to own their own home by age 27.