Mommy Monday: Preparing for the work/school week

Getting ready for the week ahead takes a few minutes of family planning (Image IG user @sara_kauffman)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Mondays are ROUGH for a lot of families. Many like to spend the weekend together -- sometimes forgetting to prepare for the week ahead.

If your family gets a case of the "Mondays" too – we have some great advice from

First, cut corners on meal planning.

For instance, if you're having roasted chicken on a Sunday -- save a portion of that shredded chicken for tacos on Tuesday.

Also if cooking ahead isn't your thing -- trying washing, chopping and storing veggies ahead of time.

Next -- Do a lunch inventory for the whole week. So even if you don't make them ahead of time, you know the supplies are there.

Also -- plan your outfits. Having a loose idea of what you're going to wear all week can save serious time on hectic mornings.

Finally -- try a 30 minute power clean.

It's so hard to face a Monday morning when the bathroom or kitchen is a mess. So try that 30 minute clean by get the family involved, set a timer and you'll be shocked at how much you get done.

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