Mommy Monday: Low-Key Christmas

Lynchburg, VA - As your children make their list for Santa Claus, you may be wondering how the big guy in red is going to pay off all those gifts.

Before you get too overwhelmed, some advice in this week's Mommy Monday on downsizing Christmas and remembering the reason for the season.

In the mad rush to make sure your kids get everything they want under the Christmas tree, you may want to consider downsizing the holidays in your house.

As district director for the United Methodist Church, Larry Davies has helped a few families out.

"I love Santa Claus. I love gifts.{} I love the presents and all it means," Davies said. "But Christmas is not our birthday.{} It is about Jesus so in the end what I fight to do as a pastor is find some kind of perspective."{}{}

Davies has been preaching about perspective for over 20 years. He uses a statue of Santa to drive home a message.

"This picture of Santa on his knees in prayer at the feet of baby Jesus puts things in perspective," Davies explained.

Here are some tips to a low-key Christmas that we found online that may help you out.

Establish low-key gift giving when your children are young, that way you can set the bar where you want it.

If your kids are older, and you are changing things up, be sure to talk to them ahead of time.{} Be honest, but positive when you do it saying things like, "We are trying to do a better job of living debt-free, so we want to scale back this year."

Most of all, Davies said just to relax and find balance.{}{}{}

"It's okay!{} You can enjoy Christmas for all the things involved in it," Davies said.{} "I just think look for opportunities and moments to talk about something other than the presents

Davies also suggested starting a family tradition of giving if you haven't already.{} Buy a gift for a child in need, serve dinner to the homeless, ring a bell for the Salvation Army as a family -- there are lots of opportunities out there right now.