Mommy Monday: How the Flu Can be Fatal

Lynchburg, VA - A new report from the CDC shows how dangerous it can be for your kids if they don't get a flu vaccine.

It finds 830 kids died from flu-related complications between October 2004 and September 2012.

Most of those kids, they say, did not get a flu shot.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the most common complication was pneumonia.

Here's the really scary part of this report. It shows 43% of the kids who died were otherwise healthy.

The children didn't have any high-risk medical conditions like diabetes or asthma.

The study finds that 63% of the children that died passed away within seven days of the onset of flu symptoms.

More than 56% of kids got the flu shot, according to the study. It looked at children from 6 months old to 17 years old.

The CDC recommends all children 6 months or older get the vaccine every year.

The CDC says the report did not include numbers from last year's flu season. There were 167 pediatric deaths in that time.