Mommy Monday: Halloween Cereals

Lynchburg, VA - General Mills will roll out a record five Halloween-theme monster cereals this month, including stores in Lynchburg.

You remember these cereals from growing up: Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Fruity Yummy Mummy.

Nutritionists are warning parents to think twice before serving these cereals, however.

The Halloween season already sees so much junk food, and the cereals, which are high in sugar, refined flour, and artificial colorings, only add to the sugar overload.

You can track what your kids eat for breakfast, even when they get older.

A new college ranking report names the top 60 colleges for nutritious offerings. Some 2,000 colleges and universities were looked at.

Bowdoin College in Maine came in first. Washington University in St. Louis is in second. Virginia Tech is third, and Emory University in Georgia is fourth. UCLA in California is fifth.

The schools were judged on how healthy their offerings are, and if the meals were made in house and grown locally.