Mommy Monday: Flu Season

Campbell Co., VA - If you want to keep the flu out of your house this year, it's time to get a flu shot.

The Central Virginia Health Department is helping to protect some of the littlest members of your family.

The students at Leesville Road Elementary are lining up for their dose of the flu vaccine.

Kids like Alden Gaddy know it's important.

"So you won't get sick!" Gaddy said.

School nurse Brenda Tucker was on hand with the health department to give out 175 doses at this school.

"The flu mist is available regardless of whether they have insurance or not.{} It's just a matter of the parents signing the consent form and turning it in," Tucker said.

Since it's protecting her students, she's more than happy to help.

"I just love them all so it's very important to me and near and dear to my heart that we do this for the children," Tucker said.

Let's face it -- our kids are like petri dishes. They don't always wash their hands, they don't always cover their cough and they're doing it right next to each other in class every day.

With that in mind Leslie Hoglund with the Central Virginia Health Department said protecting them during flu season is really important

"We know it works, we know it's going to hit the strains it needs to," Hoglund said.{} "This is something that is looked at in a lab very closely so unless there is some sort of preexisting condition with the child it is safe."

If your child has an existing condition like an auto immune disorder or asthma, there are some limitations for the flu mist or flu shot.{} Be sure to talk to your physician about that.

Take it from pros at Leesville Road, a little sniff is pretty easy if it protects you from three strains of the flu.

"Like uh, sniffing a flower!" Gaddy said.

If they can do it, we all can.