Mommy Monday: Eye Exams

Lynchburg, VA - You've probably been really busy getting your children ready to go back to school, but their health checkups should include a lot more than just a trip to the family doctor.

Experts say your children's visual health could be a big part of their success in the classroom.

Rachel Anderson is having a little trouble with her eyes.{}

"I was on my phone texting and my eye went blurry," Rachel Anderson said.{} "I could see out of this eye but this one went blurry."{}

So mom Renee Anderson brought her in for an eye exam.

Optometrist Cathy Anderson says every parent should make sure this is part of their back to school check list.

"Yes we may have had our vaccines and teeth checked and all that but in the classroom we have to be able to see the board and read and do our assignments," Anderson said. "70% of that is visual.{} I think eyes should be at the top of the list to have checked as far as back to school goes."

Anderson said your child's vision is about a lot more than seeing 20/20.

"There's also are they eyes teaming together, working well together. {}{}They need to track and move along a page as far a reading," Anderson explained. "They've done a lot of studies and found that a large amount of children diagnosed with learning issues have vision issues."

That's why a yearly visit for children is so important. It's something Renee Anderson takes seriously with all of her children.

"I have four kids and yes, we do every year," Anderson said. " I didn't use to until I had a child with special needs and realized how important it was to have her vision checked every year so now I have all my kids come."

Giving her peace of mind her children can see everything they're learning.

According to Dr. Anderson, here are some warning signs your child may have a vision problem: squinting, headaches, not being able to read for a long time without getting fatigued, and a short attention span.