Mommy Monday: Experience the Arts

Lynchburg, VA - Winter classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg are about to start up.{} If you want to expand your child's mind we're looking into all of the benefits of an arts education.

Whether it's singing, making sounds, or dancing{}Kindermusik is just one of the classes the Academy of Fine Arts has to open your child's mind.

Lisa Scott brings her daughter, Haley, every week.

"Our family loves music so it's fun to introduce it to her with other kids," Scott said.{} "She gets it at preschool but it's fun for us to do together."

In a world where we have to quiet out little ones down all the time, this is a place where instructor Angela Weaver said young children can have a voice.

"I know I did this with my boys growing up, 'Shh, shh!' But with music, Kindermusik, and the vocal play they get to make those noises.{} It's supposed to be done," Weaver explained.

Weaver said the benefits can be seen in all walks of education later on in life - things like reading, math and science.

"Music creates neuro-pathways in the brain that really no other thing does," Weaver said.

You can hear more than just Kindermusik echoing in the halls. {}{}Director of Education Kelly Allen said they have a comprehensive arts education available.

"We go for children through music, we have theater classes during the summer. {}We focus on art development as well.{} We try to give them a whole plethora of things to do," Allen said.

"Haley has really looked forward to it every once a week," Scott said. "It's something that gets me to interact with her. Yeah. It's been fun."

For class registration at the Academy of Fine Arts call (434) 846-8499 or click here.