Mommy Monday: ER Visits for Sports-Related Injuries Up 92%

Lynchburg, VA - A small study could send parents into a frenzy and grab doctors' attention.

A study finds a 92 percent increase in pediatric visits to the ER for sports-related traumatic brain injuries from 2002 to 2011.

This study published in the journal Pediatrics breaks down this Cincinnati Children's Hospital study.

Despite the number of cases, this study finds the severity of the injuries were lower.

So what sparked the numbers?

Researchers say it's because more and more parents are getting concerned about these types of injuries.

Football caused the most injury, which doesn't come as much of a surprise.

So what should you do if your kid has symptoms of a concussion?

The CDC says remove them from the game right away.

If they lose consciousness, aren't alert, vomit, or have a change in behavior go to the ER.

Don't let them play again until a doctor gives you the all-clear.