Mommy Monday: Dealing With Head Lice

Lynchburg, VA - It's back to school time, but kids can end up bringing home more than just homework.

Head lice are something many parents dread and are one of the top reasons kids miss school.

To prevent a full out infestation, in tonight's Mommy Monday, we are teaching you fact from fiction when it comes to these creepy crawlies.

Many parents feel the same after discovering lice in their kids' hair, but with more than 15 million cases a year, it seems inevitable.

What's a parent to do? Experts say to forget washing in mayo. Lice can hold their breath for 30 minutes.

If you want to avoid pesticide shampoos, mixing rosemary and tea tree oil into regular shampoo works.

Parents also shouldn't worry about the little bloodsuckers hiding our in the family dog or cat's fur.

Head lice can only live off of human blood, so locking pets outside or bathing them won't help stop an outbreak.

The main culprit is direct head to head contact, like hugging and playing. Kids are unlikely to pick up lice from hats, combs, or bike helmets.

Studies show that once lice are off the scalp, they die within hours.