Mommy Monday: Children as Young as 10 Exposed to Sexting

{}A scary new report that shows kids, as young as middle school, are dealing with sexting.

Sexting is sending or receiving sexually explicit texts or photos.

This study finds students who text excessively and get these kinds of sexts are more likely to report being sexually active.

Researchers studied more than 1,200 students -- ages 10 to 15 -- from Los Angeles-area middle schools in 2012.

Of students who had access to texting, 20 percent reported they had gotten at least one sext.

Five percent reported having sent one themselves.

Those who reported receiving sexts were 6 times more likely to report being sexually active than those who had not.

And those who reported sending sexts were 4 times more likely to say they were sexually active.

Having sex that young is linked with higher rates of STD's, pregnancy, and other risks.

Researchers say these results show that pediatricians should counsel teenagers about this at doctor visits and information about the risks of sexting should be included in the middle school curriculum.

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