Mommy Monday: Becoming a Big Brother or Sister

Lynchburg, VA - Bringing a new baby home is a tough transition -- even if you've done it before.

Sure you may be a pro juggling the midnight feedings, bath time and using only one hand to do just about everything, but the children you already have at home may have a hard time dealing.

It's a concern for ABC 13 News anchor Danner Evans.

She is pretty excited about her new baby due March 15. But no one seems more thrilled than her 3 year old son, Luke.

He's excited now, but what about when the baby actually gets here?

Virginia Baptist Hospital RN Megan Knowles said that may change.

"You know sometimes they might feel sad once the new baby gets some attention," Knowles aid.

That's where the sibling class at Virginia Baptist may come in handy.

"I think it's very important to know how special it is and just how they can be a part of that," Knowles said. "You know, how to touch a baby, how to hold them, we teach them even how to wrap them in a blanket. But how they can be helpful also to Mommy and Daddy."

The children also get a tour of the mother-baby unit so they know where their parents will be when it's time for the baby to come.

Since Luke has been the star of the show in Evans' family for years -- taking a couple hours out to focus on what's to come helped him learn a few things and get ready for his new baby brother.

This is one of many classes Virginia Baptist offers to expecting parents. For more on what's available click here or contact them at

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