Mommy Monday: Baby Massage

Lynchburg, VA - Your touch is pretty much magic to a baby. It can help him learn to talk, get rid of gas and even sleep.

It's so important they are teaching a baby massage class at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

There's something special when you turn down the lights and relax with your little one. Let's face it, a lot of parents just don't have time for this.

But instructor Tina Millard said learning the technique of baby massage and carving out mommy/daddy and baby time should be on everyone's list.

"Touch is our first sense to develop in utero and the last one to leave us," Millard explained. "Touch is such an important part of our communication with our babies."

Carly Lawrence brought her 6 month old Rylen.

"I just thought we're entering that age where she is teething, she is fussy, and now she is eating solids so her tummy gets upset sometimes so I'm definitely going to use the tummy massages we learned today to help the gas," Lawrence said.

Founded in the 1970s by a missionary in India, Millard said she sees baby massage success stories every day.

"This is better than any toy you can buy anywhere because it stimulates bonding and attachment and self-esteem for both the parent and the baby," Millard said. "It helps relaxation for parent and the baby. It promotes sleep, it helps with digestion, gas and colic and constipation."

After all, who doesn't like a massage? If you'd like to sign up for Virginia Baptist's baby massage class, click here.