"It was literally gone;" Mother and son thrown from home during Elon tornado

Bryson Childress got thrown from his home in Amherst County during the tornado on Sunday and Thursday, he's getting to leave the hospital (WSET)

ELON, Va. (WSET) -- The EF-3 tornado caused more than $4 million worth of damage in Amherst County, destroying homes, vehicles, and buildings in its path.

Thankfully, no one was killed.

But, in Amherst County several people were sent to the hospital.

Bryson Childress got thrown from his home in Amherst County during the tornado on Sunday and Thursday, he's getting to leave the hospital.

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On Facebook, Bryson's father, David, said that he had taken his two younger children to youth group at Elon Baptist Church, just two minutes up the road from his home when he flipped the channel on TV where he saw that a major storm had just hit Chatham.

He and his wife decided he should go get them from the church.

When he was on the way back, saying he was only gone about 10 minutes, he said it was something like a war zone.

"It looked like a scene from a movie. Trees were down, telephones were snapped like twigs," he said. "Power lines lay in the road, transformers were on the ground. Even this did not prepare us for what was to come next."

His house was gone.

A neighbor met him as he was running toward the home and told him that his wife, Sharon, and Bryson were alive.

Bryson shattered his right arm above the elbow, broke both bones below the elbow, broke a finger, cracked several ribs, and had lacerations on his arm, face and head. Sharon had a concussion, sprained shoulder, and bruising on her body.

Bryson said he and his mother Sharon tried to make it to their basement, but couldn't do it in time.

In despite of everything he went through, he's still all smiles as he gets ready to leave his hospital room.

"There's no need to be down. It just doesn't help. It helps to be in good spirits," he said. "It's a miracle of God that I'm here alive and able to speak now."

Sharon said she watched as the walls ripped from the floor as the tornado decimated her home.

"It didn't make sense. How is that possible that my wall is coming up? It doesn't make sense," she recalled.

After the tornado hit, Sharon and Bryson both were knocked out for a period of time and Sharon said she woke up confused about where her house had gone.

"It was literally gone," she said.

"I woke up in the front yard, waking up to my mother calling my name," Bryson added.

After waiting to see if any more storms rolled through, the family got Bryson to the hospital.

"I know that the Lord's hand held us," Sharon said. "I know that the Lord protected us. I know that the Lord has great things planned for my son Bryson."

The Childress' are staying with other family during this time.

Sharon's other children already went back to school to get some normalcy back in their lives.

Bryson is expected to make a full recovery and wants to finish up his semester at Virginia Tech where he studies neuroscience.

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