Campbell Co. continues to recover after EF-3 tornado

Damage along Timberlake Road in Campbell County (Photo courtesy of Altitude Imaging)

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) - Campbell County officials are continuing to assess damage left behind from the EF-3 tornado that hit Sunday.

Officials say there were no fatalities reported during the storm, and no "transportable injuries."

They say 16 businesses and two duplexes along Timberlake Road have severe structural damage; some are total losses.

Officials list the following businesses as those with severe damage:

  • Waterlick Garage
  • The Floor Show
  • Med Express
  • Starbucks
  • Century 21
  • Burger King
  • Point Source Audio
  • A vacant building at Point Source Audio.
  • (former) Omni Auto Sound
  • 20715 Timberlake Rd Suites 101,103 &106 (Dr. Sloop’s office)
  • St. Clair Eye Center
  • Builders’ Choice
  • Napa
  • Betty Brite Cleaners

They say Campbell County Deputies are actively patrolling the affected areas as cleanup continues.

The county reports 134 911 calls were received from 7 p.m. Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday, April 16.

“I honestly cannot thank the community enough for their support while we continue recovery efforts,” said Tracy Fairchild, Director of Public Safety. “I am extremely fortunate to work with such dedicated and committed volunteers and staff. These first responders truly care about the citizens in Campbell County, but beyond that, the community cares deeply about each other. Visiting the area and seeing neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need, really helps to keep us all going. We are so very grateful – Campbell County is so very grateful.”

Along with the damage on Timberlake, officials have identified an additional area affected by the storm. Officials are working with the National Weather Service to survey the New Chapel and Carwile Road areas for damage and determine the level of the storm.

The county uses CodeRED and encourages every citizen and businesses to register for those alerts. You can register here.

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