Your Best is Sometimes Good Enough by Danner Evans

I read a blog on the Huffington Post the other day by Dani Klein Modisett that I just can't get off my mind. The title, "14 Reasons Why Being a Stay at Home Person Sucks" is harsh and not a true representation of what her list is about, but certainly caught my eye and had me clicking on the link to read.

In it, Modisett laments about the green grass on the other side. She is a stay at home mother who, like many, grapples with triumphs and tribulations of motherhood. What I found interesting is that I related to most of her list - and I work. The same fears and issues she pours over are mine too.

I posted it on my Facebook and it immediately struck up a conversation among my friends. Some took extreme offense to the article. I fear they had a hard time getting past the title and into the heart of what Modisett was trying to say. I think it's just about the plight of a mother who wants to be everything to everyone and so often we feel like we come up short.

I think #14 on her list hit home for me the most. It maybe embodies all of what she was trying to say - all kidding aside.

"Because I still think that if I was exceptionally talented and smart I could have it all. I could be the kind of mother I need to be, who's there to run math facts, catch my son's throw-up (just last night, in fact) and be a super-attentive wife who loves and supports my husband and eagerly communicates about all the little details of daily life, free of worry, and who also has a powerful job where I get paid really well to make as much of a difference outside the home as I do inside the home. What truly sucks is thinking that if I just managed my time more efficiently, worked harder, prayed harder, and ate less of the kids' grilled cheese crusts, all of this would be possible."

That last part really got me.

I don't care of you work or not - we all feel the frustrations of balancing our family life. We as mothers and fathers want to do it all. We want to be everything to everyone in our family. Let's be honest though! For me at least, all I can do is try my best and accept that my best is good enough. Our best has to be good enough or we just beat ourselves up.

I guess I choose to celebrate my own balancing act that happens every day.

I feel like God sent me this article to let me know that my best is good enough in his eyes. I thought I'd share the list with you too. I hope you can read past the title (she really needs to change that) and take away something. Maybe you can see your own struggles in the writers, and laugh (or cry) and know you are not alone.

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