Young People Lend a Helping Hand Through Impact Danville

Danville, VA - At least 50 kids in Danville have come together this week to lend a helping hand to those in need.Impact Danville - a spin-off of the Impact Richmond initiative - is connecting young people with elderly and disabled residents who need help with projects around the house.

More than a dozen young people showed up at Teresa Robinette's home around 8:30 am.

Before long, her van had been washed, lawn furniture painted and deck revitalized.

"It just really touches my heart because these are things that I am not physically able to do, " Robinette said.

The single mother says she spends most of her time caring for her disabled daughter. Projects like these usually have to take a backseat.

"I just appreciate it so much to have the arms and legs and the willingness of these young people to come out here and do this, " Robinette said.

Two local churches made it possible for these and other projects around the city to be completed this week.

Though the weather has been spotty, the young participants say that won't stop them.

"It's been raining and it's hot and humid, but we're still all having a fun time, " said Caleb Oakes.

"Throughout life we don't realize it's just so easy to help somebody with a little thing that means a lot to them, " said team leader Dave Schuller.

Team leader Dave Schuller is part of a biker ministry in Collinsville.He says the volunteers have a calling to give of their time and talents, and he is proud to see the way these young people have answered that call.

"They gave up a week of their time of their vacation this year to be out here and help us and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Amen? That's what we're basically doing here, " Schuller said.

The kids will spend a few hours each day working on at leat 18 homes across the cit


ey hope to wrap up their last project on Friday.