Bedford Co. Mother Back Home After Accident

BEDFORD CO., VA - Hundreds turned out over the weekend in Bedford County at a benefit to help a young mother who has dedicated her life to helping others, on the same day the woman comes home from the hospital.

Holly Hogan, a paramedic and ER nurse, was in a medically induced coma after a car accident on December 7.

Hogan was released from a rehab center at UVa on Saturday. Just hours later she attended a benefit in her honor at the Goode Rescue Squad building.

It's now been a month to the day since Hogan was lying on a gurney. She was in her own ER, with co-workers praying around her. Holly asked to visit the ER after being released from the hospital Saturday.

"They paged that I was in one of the pods and they came running and hugged me," said Hogan.

It was the people in her life that Holly says she missed the most over the two weeks she lost. When the doctors woke Holly up from her medically induced coma, she knew her husband Lee right away. She wanted to see her children, 2-year-old Abby and 7-month-old Timmy.

The baby boy was different than she remembered.

"I asked for both of them, because I hadn't seen them," said Hogan. "He's sitting by himself. He's got two teeth. He's eating real food."

Hogan will continue her rehabilitation at home. The family will celebrate a late Christmas this weekend, with a very special gift.

"They had told him and told them that I wouldn't be myself again and none of that has been true", said Hogan. "So we're blessed. It's God. That's all it is. That's all I can say."

Hogan hopes to return to work and to the rescue squad. Before that can happen, Hogan says she will meet with a psychologist to make sure she is ready to return to the ER. She also plans to ride-along with paid EMS crews to ease back into rescue work.

The money raised at the benefit will help the family until Hogan is able to work.