Year of Travel: Washington D.C. by Dhomonique Ricks

Hey friends!

As you know my blogs this year are focused on my travels.

My latest trip brought me to Washington D.C. for 1.5 days (ha!) I was there to meet up with a friend.{}In fact, I just got back in town last night.

Let me share some of the highlights: We went to a really good sushi place called Sushi Taro. I love sushi! The restaurant was located on the second floor of a building and overlooked part of the city. It was really nice.

After dinner, we went to Blues Ally (THE place for jazz and blues in the city). Performing{} Monday night was Chris Thomas King from New Orleans. His music is featured on the soundtrack of "O Brother Where Art Thou," starring George Clooney.

All in all it was a fun, short trip. Can't wait for my next venture.