Year in Review: Roanoke in The News in 2012

Roanoke, VA - From a big judgement against Virginia Tech for the 2007 shootings to a young child's homicide, it was a year of major headlines from the Roanoke and New River Valley area.

Some of the biggest headlines of the year that came out of the western end of the viewing area were focused on the courtroom including the decision by a specially appointed judge that found in favor of two families of loved ones lost in the Virginia Tech massacre.

The parents of Julia Pryde and Erin Peterson were awarded $2 million each. That case is being appealed.

"We were looking for some accountability and so we got some bit of accountability today," said Julia's father Harry Pryde.

In Franklin County, former Sheriff Ewell Hunt also faced a special judge to answer to a charge of misconduct by an elected official.

This following the murder of Jennifer Agee by her ex husband and now former Franklin County Deputy, Jonathan Agee. Hunt was found guilty of the charge, a verdict that is also under appeal.

In Bath County the three year search for one of "America's Most Wanted," Beecher Hackney also came to an end.

Ginseng hunters stumbled upon the remains of the man accused of gunning down two co-workers at the Homestead.

But in Franklin County the search continues for Heather Hodges who went missing just after Easter.

The 22-year-old was last seen at her home near Rocky Mount by her live in boyfriend. Left behind was Hodges' 2-year-old daughter.

And finally the Roanoke area story with ties to Lynchburg: The murder of VeraLee Craft.

The 13-month-old child died in July a few days after suffering a beating. The autopsy shows VeraLee had suffered prolonged abuse before her death.

The boyfriend of VeraLee's mother, Preston King, has been charged with capital murder.

"I feel like there was something someone could have done to prevent it but nothing was done to prevent it," said VeraLee's father Jonathan Craft.

No trial date has been set.

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