Year in Review: Election 2012

Lynchburg, VA - A presidential election, two former Virginia Governors battling it out for the Senate, and locally, sweeping Republican congressional re-elections; 2012 has proven to be a powerful year for politics both nationally and locally.

Four more years; President Obama won re-election in an Electoral College landslide, capturing for the second time Virginia's 13 votes.

But the campaign was a hard fight. All four candidates made appearances in the heart of Virginia.

Some were more memorable than others.

"Unchain Wall Street. They're going to put ya'll back in chains" said Joe Biden during an election rally in Danville.

Another heated election was the fight for a vacated Virginia senate seat. The candidates were familiar faces.

"I have a son who has just started a career in the military. I'm not going to do things that will hurt the troops or will hurt defense" said Tim Kaine during a debate.

Former Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen made it a memorable race. Allen claiming repeatedly that if elected, Kaine would hurt Virginia's immense defense industry.

"I could never imagine myself voting for something that could be so potentially harmful to our military readiness and jobs in Virginia" said Allen.

While nationally Virginia went blue, locally, red remained.

"It is an affirmation of their hard work. I think it is an affirmation of our message and so it is gratifying and it nice to put this one away" said Robert Hurt after he won re-election.

Both Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt won re-election.

Nationally and locally, Election 2012 proved to be this year's biggest political news maker.

Now 2013 may prove to be a big year in politics as well when the Virginia Governor's seat goes up for grabs.