WWII Veteran in Buckingham Co. Receives Medals

Buckingham Co., VA - A World War II veteran in Buckingham County is awarded medals he earned nearly seven decades ago.

Charles Lewis was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses and eight Air Medals at a ceremony Wednesday at the Buckingham VFW Hall.

Lewis, 89, joined the Marines at age 18. He served as a radio gunner. Lewis had to send copies of his flying log book to the government to prove he deserved the medals.

"My friend, he's here now. He was looking through the log book. He said he felt like he was looking through history," said Lewis. "Everything had to be logged down. How much time you spent in the air."

Lewis isn't upset that he didn't get the medals sooner. He says when the war ended, there were so many service members getting out at all at once, it was hard for the military to keep track of who earned what.