WWII Vet Reunited With Dog Tag Lost 67 Years Before

Vinton, VA - A Vinton man, who decades ago saw action in some of the most violent battles of World War II, is reliving some of those moments because of a call he received in June.

Jahue Mundy, 92, is still in disbelief after one of his dog tags, lost overseas decades ago, turned up in a woman's garden in Indiana.

The Marine, who served until 1946, has no explanation as to how that dog tag made it to Indiana. Its recovery nearly 70 years after it went missing brought the combat hardened veteran to tears.

While the war was decades ago the battlefields of the South Pacific are not so far away in the mind of Jahue Mundy.

"Oh it was horrible. It was really war," said Mundy.

Surviving the front lines of both Iwo Jima - where he took this picture - and Okinawa, Mundy would see his service come to a close while serving in China in 1946.

It was as Mundy was getting ready to leave China that he realized the dog tags that accompanied him through hell and back were gone.

"I thought (I put them) in the little bag that I had but evidently I hadn't 'cause I knew when I got home I didn't have them," said Mundy.

A moment in time that was a lifetime ago... long forgotten until a woman from Indiana called him in June.

"'Is that number 823857 on that dog tag?'. She said, 'Yes.' I said, 'That's mine!'," said Mundy.

Somehow, some way, one of Mundy's dog tags ended up in an Indiana garden.

And while Mundy has roots in Indiana they are miles from the town where it was found.

"No idea. Have no idea. I've thought, 'How in the world did it get there?'," said Mundy.

No matter to Mundy how it got there - although he would like to know, being reunited with a relic that saw the worst days of his life was like finding a piece of himself that was left in a land, during a time, that defined Mundy as the man he became.

"I had to cry when that lady called me. You know, you lost a jewel or something like that. That's what I thought that I found a jewel again."

Mundy says in just a few weeks he has made plans to take the Amtrak from Clifton Forge to Indianapolis where he will visit with his son and then meet the couple that found his long lost dog tag.