Wounded Warriors Hit the Slopes at Wintergreen

Wintergreen, VA - Wintergreen hosted its ninth annual Wounded Warriors event this weekend. This has been the biggest year yet--with 27 veterans taking part.

The project brings wounded veterans and their families to the resort. Wintergreen Adaptive Sports instructors volunteer their time to teach them how to ski or snowboard, many even use special equipment to help the wounded veterans down the mountain.

Matthew Staton was injured in Iraq in 2004. He first came to the event as a wounded warrior three years ago. He says he had such a good time, he decided to get certified as an instructor, and this is now his second year volunteering instructing at the event.

He says events like this one are important because they show veterans they can get back out to the outdoors, and it's also a way for the community to give back to those who fight overseas.

"Be shown that I can still do outdoor activities. I'm not confined to my injuries and can do a lot and for my fellow peers --they're ill, injured or wounded soldiers--they can either learn a new skill or they reacquire a skill that they had prior to their injuries," he said.

Wintergreen now has a new program called "Every Day is Warrior Day." Wounded warriors can go to the resort any day of the year, and Adaptive Sports will pay for lodging, rental equipment and instruction. For more information and to schedule a visit, you can email