Working the Holiday without a Complaint

IHOP workers put in shorter shifts on Christmas

Lynchburg, VA - Holidays like Christmas allow us relaxing time with friends and family. However, not everyone gets the day off from work. But, workers at one Lynchburg restaurant aren't complaining.

Not even Christmas will close the Fort Avenue IHOP. Host Antonio Brown greets every customer with a winning attitude.

"Good afternoon, sir. Merry Christmas. How you doing?" said Brown, greeting a new customer.

Brown loves working the holiday, sharing Christmas with all families.

"Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas," said Brown.

But, sometimes, Brown says, customers expect the Grinch to seat them; instead, they get a much more cheerful Brown.

"Here you are sir," said Brown, seating another customer.

"They let me know that I'm too excited to be here on Christmas working, so I tell them, 'Hey, what a better thing to have than a job on Christmas? That's an awesome thing to have,'" said Brown.

For some, the holiday season's hard on the wallet. Assistant Manager Michelle Powell has seen it firsthand. When she asks staff to work holidays, some say, 'Thank You' - no complaints.

"I'm very lucky. People here are very appreciative just to have a job. Because, like everyone else, a lot of them have been through those periods where they just didn't have one," said Powell.

IHOP isn't closing for a holiday any time soon. But, Brown doesn't want that to become a trend among restaurants.

"It would take away the fun of seeing people's faces and their reaction when they're like, 'O, my gosh! IHOP is open on Christmas. There's actually people working, '" said Brown.

IHOP made some tweaks to its staffing for Christmas day, allowing workers to do a shorter four, five, six hour so they could go home early.