Working Moms React to Mississippi Governor's Comments

Lynchburg, VA - Anger is stirring among some women over interesting remarks made about the American education system.

It began Tuesday with the Governor of Mississippi, during an interview with The Washington Post.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said that problems with American education arose, at the same time women began working. It's something not heard often in this day and age, and it's something that's prompted a strong reaction from some working Moms.

It was during a discussion with Washington Post Live, focusing on early childhood literacy. Journalist, Mary Jordan was moderating the panel of three Governors.

"How did America get so mediocre?" she asked the panel.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant with the response, "I think parents became, both parents started working, and a Mom is in the workplace. It's not a bad thing. I'm going to get in trouble; I can see the emails tomorrow" he said.

Those words set off a firestorm of comments posted to The Washington Post Online; one read, "Great message for the pinhead Governor to send to little girls all over the state of Mississippi."

"I don't really agree with it. Times are very different and most women with children are working now" said one Lynchburg mother.

Working Moms aren't all too happy with what Bryant had to say. One woman, a full time nurse, raising two toddlers had this to say, "My daughter knows that I go to work and I come home, and I like to help provide for my family."

"It's not that easy. Our educational system's complex, our society is very complex" said Peggy Schimmoeller, the Director of the Randolph College Education Department.

Schimmoeller says the problem with American education doesn't lie in an easy blame game.

"Quality is more important than quantity" she said. To say education can be fixed if all Moms stayed home, she says, is just not true.

"You could have a parent who's home all day long and doesn't interact with the children. It's really more of the quality time that's spent with the child" said Schimmoeller.

Schimmoeller says working moms have acted as role models for their daughters to break into the workforce as well.

The Washington Post says Bryant later said he feels both parents are pressured so much to work today.