Work Starts To Stop Potential Landslide On I-81

Montgomery Co., VA - An update tonight on a big problem VDOT faces as a large chunk of mountainside threatens to slide onto I-81.

While VDOT says the crack is just getting bigger engineers think it is relatively stable.

That has allowed crews to start building an access road which is what they have been busy clearing over the past week or so.

V-DOT believes the big chunk of rock and soil is resting on a solid slab of rock --- which is buying them time.

Engineers and geologists have been busy testing the area to determine the right approach but they won't know exactly what they are dealing with until they start working on the trouble spot.

"It is a very large slope. It is going to require quite a bit of excavation work to pull the slope back so it will be stable. So it is going to take quite a bit of excavation out there and it's going to be a pretty big job to pull this slope back and get it stable," said Jason Bond with VDOT.

While figuring out the plan of attack has been challenging -- other issues have been prolonging this work... most notably the incredibly wet weather.

Crews also have to wait until heavy equipment can be brought back in as much of the equipment needed had already been shipped to other work sites.