Women Plan to Wear Same Dress to Send Message

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's first "Onetober" event kicked off on Monday. It's a chance to send a message, using style.

The idea is to wear the same dress, every day, for the whole month. Jennifer Prince, the editor of Clutch Magazine, came up with the idea.

Her goal is to raise awareness for the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center. She says wearing the same dress is a unique way to get people talking.

"After awhile, when someone starts seeing you over and over again, that poses the question, of 'ok, I've seen you in that a couple of times, what's the deal?' That's when we can say that we're trying to raise awareness for the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center," said Prince.

Prince says about 30 women are participating in "Onetober." She hopes to make it an annual tradition in the Hill City. For more information go here.