Woman has Christmas Open House for Good Cause

Blairs, VA-- A woman in Blairs opened up her home this weekend for the whole community to see.

Barbara Shelton and her bible study group have been decorating her home for several months in preparation for this weekend.

Every room in the house is decked out with Christmas decor. So much effort went into the decorations because it's for a good cause. The donations they receive from the open house will go toward buying Christmas gifts for families in need.

Shelton said they usually have 1000 people walk through the house in just one weekend.

"They just oooh and ahh and just say thank you so much for inviting us in, we enjoy it and we fell like this is our home," Shelton said. "That's what we want them to fell like. When people visit us we want them to feel like they're at home."

Shelton and her bible study group will deliver the gifts to the families on Christmas morning.